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Brasenhill Mansion Is The Premier Venue In The Hershey Pa Area

hershey wedding venuesSelecting the proper wedding venue is obtaining half the success of your big day. In Hershey, PA, the most popular location is The Brasenhill Mansion at 104 E. Walnut Street, Lebanon PA 17042. The historic stone house is every bit magic and couples have chosen it time and time again for many reasons including its ambience, size, and amenities. Check it out if you are still in search for an ideal wedding location and answer the following questions to help you make the right decision.

How many guests are attending. Not all wedding venues in Hershey, PA accommodates a wide variety of wedding sizes. It is best to eyeball how many people are coming to your celebration and plan accordingly. In most cases, event places have a guest count minimum. In doing your estimate, aim low for it is easier to add guests than deduct. Paying for extra plates is an entire scenario better than seeing excess and untouched ones already on your bill.







Schedule A Tour

How much are you happy to spend? Come up with a budget before visiting wedding locations. The Brasenhill Mansion will instantly capture your heart and it is the best option in Hershey, PA, but ultimately, it is wiser to do your research ahead and compare rates of various places first. You do not want to spend more than 50% of your total budget on a venue. Have a solid figure in mind and only go to places within your price range. It avoids heartache and stress. More important, it keeps you from overspending and leaves you on top of your expenses.

Are you being realistic? Promotional photos and videos are sure captivating but remember that these are marketing materials – not the real thing. These are designed to attract your interest and are not the actual things that happen or are produced on the wedding. For a more realistic take, check out blogs and actual wedding photos of wedding planners and photographers. In terms of the venue, schedule a tour of your desired location. The feel will definitely be different than just seeing it online. Book it ahead because places like The Brasenhill Mansion are quite popular with future brides and grooms.

Is your wedding date flexible? Time of year, day of the week, and your engagement length greatly impact your negotiating leverage with vendors. It is understandable that certain dates are special to couples, like the day you met or the time you officially became boyfriend-and-girlfriend, but you can save a lot by being flexible. For instance, a Friday wedding in February costs a lot less than one in June on a weekend.

Have you called ahead As mentioned, popular wedding venues in Hershey, PA, like The Brasenhill Mansion, book up quickly. Your best chance of pulling off your dream wedding is to plan things in advance. Call ahead to check for availability before touring the location.

Do you have a vision? The wedding venue shapes the entire atmosphere of the big day. It is essential that your vision is embodied by the place. Choose one that feels like home to you and something that reflects you as a couple.

Let The Brasenhill Mansion stage an unforgettable wedding for you. See the grand stone house for yourself and learn why it is the top wedding venue in Hershey, PA. It only takes a 30-minute drive via the US-322 E. Here are the directions:


1. Head southeast toward E Chocolate Ave. (79 ft)

2. Turn right at the 1st cross street onto W Chocolate Ave. (226 ft)

3. Turn left at the 1st cross street onto Cocoa Ave. (0.8 mi)

4. Follow E Governor Rd and US-322 E/Horseshoe Pike to PA-241 N/Colebrook Rd in West Cornwall Township. (9.5 mi)

5. Continue on PA-241 N/Colebrook Rd to Lebanon. (4.6 mi)

6. Turn right onto Walnut St. Destination will be on the right. (0.9 mi)