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Wedding Venue And Wedding Reception Venue In The Manheim PA Area

Choosing a wedding venue in the Manheim, PA area proves to be one of the biggest decisions a couple can make. Many options will be offered to you, from the most popular like The Brasenhill Mansion to the most unexpected like barns and art galleries.


But the best way to choose what is right for you is to tour each location and see which one resonates with you most. If you have yet to decide, here are 5 steps to help you out. Book an official walk-through. Be thorough when picking your wedding venue in the Manheim, PA area Do your research and then schedule a tour with a representative of the place who can answer all of your questions.



Schedule A Tour

In your e-mail or when you call, ask if it is possible to drop by when the venue is set up for a wedding. This way, you know exactly what it will look like if you end up using it. More important, you get a good idea just how much space you can work with after all the necessary components of the wedding or the reception have been set in place. You might think it is a spacious choice upon seeing it empty but after the tables and chairs, the functional room drops significantly.

wedding-venues-central-pa As an added tip, for your first visit, come by with you and your fiancé only. While the opinion of your family and friends matter, ultimately, your choice of wedding venue in the Manheim, PA area should reflect you as a couple and nobody else.

Offer yourself choice. It is hard to say no to a spectacular events place like The Brasenhill Mansion but do not lock it in carelessly. If this is the first venue that you see, give yourself the opportunity to compare it with other places that fit your budget and taste, too. Go to a couple more locations that interest you and then make an informed decision. Obviously, you want to do this ahead of time so you are not stressing over a deadline. Identify what you like and don’t like from the specific areas then get it over with.

Maximize the space. As discussed earlier, being realistic with space is crucial in selecting an ideal wedding and reception venue in the Manheim, PA area. When looking at a place, imagine how each area will be used for specific purposes during your ceremony.

Where will you have the actual wedding? Which spot is best for cocktails and dinner? Do you have enough room for dancing? Ideally, it is best to have room for all of these activities in one venue to save money.

For this reason, brides and grooms have chosen The Brasenhill Mansion time and time again. There is ample space outdoors, plus parking, and the stone house has complete amenities and facilities to ensure a seamless flow of events and to attend to all of your needs.

Take photos and videos. Because you are likely to see several places, it is ideal to capture images and videos of each location so that you do not mix them up when it is time for you to decide.

Schedule A Tour

Have an open mind. Wedding venues in Manheim, PA have their unique sets of ups and downs. While The Brasenhill Mansion is emerging the popular choice, no one place is perfect for all couples. In doing your tour of potential wedding places, keep an open mind. Sometimes, a destination looks great on the pictures online but falls short once you see it for real. Other times, a venue surprises you and makes you fall in love unexpectedly.

Check out The Brasenhill Mansion and pick a grand and intimate venue for your wedding in Manheim, PA. It only takes a 23 minute drive or 14.3 mi via PA-72 N. Here are the driving directions:

manheim pa wedding venues

1. Head northwest on PA-72 N/S Main St toward E High St. Continue to follow PA-72 N. (8.3 mi)

2. Take the PA-72 N exit toward Lebanon. (0.4 mi)

3. Continue onto PA-72 N/Quentin Rd. (2.3 mi)

4. Turn right onto Rocherty Rd. (1.1 mi)

5. Turn left onto S Lincoln Ave. (2.1 mi)

6. Turn right onto E Walnut St. Destination will be on the right. (0.1 mi)